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White 2022

White - 2022
Domaine Lou Capelan
18,00 €

  • Domaine Lou Capelan
  • Maurice Silvestri
  • The Lou Capelan estate counts 47 hectares of grapevines. Its parcels are located on the “La Cadière” and “Le Castellet” geographical zone. We produce Bandol wines in red, rosé and white. We also produce Vins de Pays in the three colors.
    We harvest manually, both for Bandol wines, where it is mandatory, and for Vins de Pays. The harvests last approximately 5 weeks. They start at the end of August with Grenache picking, and end early October with Mourvèdre picking.
    In 1992, Maurice Silvestri takes over the 4ha farm of Mr and Mrs Font. After uprooting and replanting the vines, the first Bandol Rosé was born in 1996, and the first Bandol Red in 2000.
    The winery is open from September until Mai from 10h-12h / 14h-18h Tuesdays until Saturdays. Between June and August, we are open every day continuously from 10h-19h.